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Hit to global, grow your business and boost sale revenue by integrating payment system and get orders, conversions from anyone, anywhere with absolute standard in world class.

We provide features that you need !

Micro Transaction Supported

URANUS Payment Processor supports assets that are suitable for micro transaction such as ADA, XRP, XLM...

Easy to integrate

We provide a plugin that allows you to integrate our service into your business/e-commerce platform easily with just simple steps.

Immediate availability

Involvemnt from third parties are eliminated. Once payment is successful, the transaction amount is in your wallet and accessible immediately.

Low Fee

This amount is a low flat fee, not a percentage of the transaction. Besides, URANUS Pay apply new blockchain technology like Segwit standard which reduces the transaction fee significantly.

High Secured

We protect your account with 2-factor authentication and all data sent is encrypted absolutely. You totally control all your assets that we don't store your private key or control your funds.

Mobile Wallet Supported

User can use PLUTO, a secure, low fee cryptocurrency wallet application which was developed by Armadillo Cyber Tech to pay order on URANUS Payment Processor. PLUTO supports all cryptocurrencies used on Uranus Pay.

Support Popular and Active Coins

Support most popular coins such as BTC, ADA, BCH...Also, we will apply more popular coins such as EOS, XRP, the near future.

Support Segwit

To reduce the transaction fee with BTC payment, we has implemented SegWit protocol into URANUS Pay. This makes transaction fees become lower and improve transaction speed.

Screenshots our dashboard works

Frequently asked some questions

1. Why cryptocurrency payments?

Cryptocurrencies are secured and versatile that Payment systems were developed to utilize their advantages like entirely private bank accounts and payment cards for almost any transactions.

- Low transaction fees
- Complete transactions within seconds
- Eliminate charge reversed
- Kiss goodbye to fraud & scam
- Reach new customers in crypto world
- Become the first and lead in your industry.

2. How can URANUS help my business?

As a new payment method we help you integrate the payment systems into your business. This support your customers flexibly have more options in payment.

3. Is UPP hard to use and integrate ?

Don't worry!! Our system is designed in friendly UI and secured technology strictly. If you've already had experience in using online banking, our system's steps is developed similarly with that one generally.

4. What kinds of cryptocurrency could I use in payment ?

Right now, we just support BTC and ADA, the other ones are in process. We will notice you when one of them is finished

5. Where is my money stored?

We DO NOT hold or store your money. You have total ownership and full rights absolutely with your assets.

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